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Requirements Regarding Any Proposed Collaboration

Under the Rules of 100&Change, eligible organizations only include legal entities organized under applicable law. To the extent two or more organizations seek to collaborate with respect to a project, the Competition Sponsor will consider the application only if there is a single entity that will have definitive responsibility for supervision of the charitable project, control over the use of the grant funds, and responsibility for reporting on the use of the grant funds.

Any organizations seeking to collaborate on a project must have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or other legal agreement that controls the relationship among the parties. This agreement must be shared with the Competition Sponsor. The Competition Sponsor will review the MOU or other agreement, to determine if it satisfactorily addresses the key points below:

  • One eligible entity has supervision of the project and control over the use of the grant funds and is responsible for providing any required reports to the Competition Sponsor.
  • There are clear terms regarding how key decisions will be made and how they will bind other parties to the Agreement, including termination of the MOU or the Project, any financing, and other key financial and governance terms.
  • The ownership and use of intellectual property is clearly spelled out and will not result in more than incidental benefit to any private interests.
  • The persons and/or entities authorized to speak, act and execute agreements on behalf of the collaboration are clearly described.
  • There are provisions clearly addressing the treatment and use of any revenue expected to be generated by the project and no private interests will benefit from the revenue stream other than on a basis that is incidental to the primary charitable purpose to be served by the project.
  • The MOU will be in effect for the duration of the Project.
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